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Wheelchair transport

UTC’s taxis run all year round for every target group. 

UTC’s taxis run all year round for every target group. 

Special transport
UTC’s taxis run all year round for every target group. Do you have difficulty walking or are you looking for wheelchair transport? Do you have to go to hospital, a doctor or a therapist for treatment? You may then be entitled to a taxi allowance, so that the journey is comfortable and you pay less for your journey. You must then request permission from your healthcare provider in advance. UTC offers tailor-made taxi transport. 

We have been providing transport for people who require special attention for many years. If you are in a wheelchair, we have specially adapted taxis and minibuses that meet all strict requirements, so that UTC transports you in a comfortable and safe way. Our drivers have had special training and often have years of experience. Ask our employees at the taxi company about the possibilities.

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For wheelchair users, we have specially adapted vehicles that meet strict requirements, so that you will be transported in a safe and comfortable way. Thanks to their special training and often years of experience, our staff is fully prepared to transport you safely.


Special education

If your child attends a special school that requires long-distance travel and your child is eligible for school transport, you can also contact UTC. We look at the possibilities so that your child can enjoy education like any other child and is not hindered by distance. UTC drivers drive for a large number of educational institutions. Feel free to call for information or to discuss the possibilities at our taxi company. 

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